What to do when it's too hot

You want to make the most of it, get out for a stroll and explore Aude, but the sun is beating down a little too hard.
Here are a few ideas for visits and activities you can do even in very hot weather.
You can, of course, also avoid going out during the hottest part of the day. Enjoy walks in the countryside in the morning, and then more sedate activities in the afternoon.

Baignade en rivière, détente en famille© Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude
Visite de la Salle Rouge au Gouffre géant de Cabrespine ©A.Marserou


Keeping cool in the caves

The Cabrespine and Limousis caves. The temperature is a constant 14 degrees all year round. The tour (or underground safari) is an excellent way to cool off while admiring the rock formations.

In the shade of old buildings

Visiting the abbeys of Cathar Country  or the château of Villerouge-Termenès  is also a good way to keep cool. The thick walls of these centuries-old buildings retain the cool air, making the experience all the more enjoyable!

The underground cellars at Terra Vinea are also a good option for a refreshing visit.

Don’t forget night-time tours. In Carcassonne, you can wander through the narrow streets of the medieval town by lantern light, accompanied by your guide. A romantic, magical atmosphere is guaranteed!

Plages surveillées au lac de la Cavayère à Carcassonne ©Mairie Carcassonne


Lakes and water sport activities

You may be outside, but you’ll feel refreshed by being next to the water or in the water. There are many lakes in the Aude department where swimming is allowed and which are supervised. These include Cavayère in Carcassonne, Lampy or Birotos lakes in the Montagne Noire, Belcaire lake, Saint Bertrand lake in Quillan  in the Pyrenees, and Jouarres lake in Azille.

More sporty activities

Canyoning and river descents (white-water sports such as rafting, etc.) are available in Corbières and the Haute Vallée de l’Aude. Canoe trips are also available on the quieter part of the Aude, starting from Puichéric.

Sea trips

The air is always a little fresher if you go on a boat trip out to sea. A good tip is hopping on board the Azur in Leucate and setting off to see large marine mammals, such as dolphins.

In Gruissan, you can hire an electric boat without a licence and set off on a one-hour or half-day trip, with the option of swimming and having a picnic on board.

le port de Gruissan, bateaux, S. Alibeu, ADT de l'Aude
Route des sapins, randonnée en Haute vallée de l'Aude© A. Belondrade, ADT de l'Aude
Découvrir le village du livre de Montolieu © Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude

Strolling through villages and stopping off in little shady squares for a drink is also part of the traditional southern French way of life.

Visit the cool night markets. There are many organised throughout the summer in Aude.

Visits to tasting cellars

The temperature here is always kept at a moderate level to ensure that the wines mature properly. It’s a great opportunity to discover new appellations or your favourite small estate, and to take a few bottles home with you! Enjoy in moderation, of course, as alcohol should be avoided in hot weather.

Dégustation en couple dans les Corbières ©Vincent Photographie - ADT de l'Aude

Looking after yourself in hot weather

Keep properly hydrated, drink water
Close the shutters and windows during the day, and open the windows at night
Opt for activities which do not involve significant physical effort
If you feel unwell, call 112.

Check on your loved ones: keep in touch every day with elderly, isolated or frail people (relatives, friends, neighbours) and make sure they are not suffering from the heat.

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