Heritage, Nature and Serenity at Fontfroide Abbey

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Explore the mountains and abbey of Fontfroide for a timeless experience. Plunge into 1,000 years of history. Recharge your batteries in the heart of an unspoilt wilderness. Take time out on a spring day. Succumb to the charm of magnificent Fontfroide!
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The Cistercian Corbières gem

On a romantic weekend, sun shining in a bright blue sky, head for Fontfroide Abbey. Surrounded by grape vines, this sumptuous building nestles against a lush green backdrop. Inside, time seems to stand still…

Visite du cloître et du clocher de l'Abbaye de Fontfroide ©Rogier Fackeldey-Abbaye de Fontfroide

Olivia, our passionate guide with contagious enthusiasm, plunges us into an atmosphere of authenticity and spiritual serenity. This Cistercian masterpiece of over 1,000 years of age has retained every bit of its soul! It is bewitching!
We leave the guide and continue at our own pace to explore the gardens.

Did you know?
The abbey stands near a torrent, a freshwater source, or “fons frigida”, that explains the name of the monument.
Visiter l'abbaye de Fontfroide à Narbonne ©Edgar De Puy-ADT de l'Aude

Beauty that leaves you awestruck...

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Visite du cloître de l'abbaye de Fontfroide ©Bernard Delmas-Mairie Narbonne


My friend the rose

Visiter l'abbaye de Fontfroide et ses jardins ©Edgar De Puy-ADT de l'Aude
Visite de la roseraie de l'Abbaye de Fontfroide ©Bernard Delmas-Mairie de Narbonne
In the terraced gardens, here and there a statue catches our eye, inviting us to quiet contemplation. This is a beautiful walk with inspiring views over the Abbey and the mountains. Fragrant roses of many colours offer a pleasant contrast with the surrounding greenery. This bucolic picture demands a photo!

The rose garden features 2,500 rose bushes of 16 different colours. Created in the early 20th century, it was originally a kitchen garden and also the monks’ cemetery! This walk is idyllic from May to September when the roses are in bloom.


Mediterranean tastes and treats

Manger au restaurant de l'abbaye de fontfroide ©Sdf-Abbaye de Fontfroide

Fontfroide's restaurant

The sun is at its zenith and it’s time to relax on the shady restaurant terrace of Fontfroide’s restaurant. A gourmet interlude full of the flavours and colours of the Mediterranean, all in an exceptional setting. The local produce and Fontfroide wines will delight your tastebuds!

Practical info

The restaurant opens every lunchtime from February to mid-December, as well as evenings in July and August.

Manger au restaurant de l'abbaye de fontfroide ©Sdf-Abbaye de Fontfroide


Garrigue fragrances

With full stomachs and armed with backpacks, we venture onto the path behind the Abbey which leads to the Fontfroide Cross! A 30 minute adventure across the fragrant garrigue. We can hear chirping birds and foraging bees. This is pure nature, pure happiness!

Our tip

There’s no water or shade along the way, so in hot weather, leave early in the morning and take a sun hat and plenty of water.

Unusual info
Keep your eyes open! These mountains are home to some very rare species, such as the endangered “Algerian Psammodromus”, a small reptile that can only be found in a few areas of the South of France.
Visite de l'Abbaye de Fontfroide à Narbonne ©Edgard Depuy-ADT de l'Aude
Narbonne, abbaye de fontfroide et massif ©Rogier Fackeldey-Abbaye de Fontfroide
It worth it!
The hike takes 1 hour there and back. It climbs a bit, but you’ll be rewarded with some exceptional views!

The roof of the Corbières region

Wow! When we arrive at the Cross, right at the summit, the view takes our breath away! The majestic Abbey stands below us and, opposite, upwind, unfold the lush green valleys of the Corbières region! Contemplating the horizon, we enjoy a sense of freedom and absolute tranquillity.


Download the free “Alternative Fontfroide” app to learn about the massif through 23 stories and interactive features (winegrowing, wildlife, vegetation, etc.)
Application Fontfroide insolite


White, Red,
Rosé & togetherness

Wine tasting

Our perfect day ends in a wine-tasting session in the company of a professional sommelier called Philippe. The bouquet on the nose, the aromas on the palate, the colour in the glass…

Dégustation de vin au caveau de Fontfroide ©Rogier Fackeldey-Abbaye de Fontfroide
Vendanges dans les vignes, Aude ©Céline Deschamps-ADT de l'Aude

A moment of togetherness

All our senses are awakened! A friendly moment discovering the wines of this outstanding terroir!

With a head full of memories and a few good vintages we leave Fontfroide with the magical feeling that we’re bound to be back. For the Orchid Festival, maybe?

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Getting here

By car

Fontfroide Abbey is out in the countryside and not served by the public transport networks. The best way to reach it is with your own private vehicle. A 20 minute drive from Narbonne on the D613 road. A 50 minute drive from Carcassonne via the A61 motorway, exit 25 towards Lézignan-Corbières.

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