Heady heights in Montagne Noire

Roquefère / Lastours 2 days

Localisation de la commune de Roquefère
Elodie nous raconte son expérience rando en Montagne Noire ©Elodie Bergeret

Tried and tested for you by Elodie
Montagne Noire Tourist Information, happy hiker

A 90m waterfall gets your head spinning in the midst of unspoilt nature… the Roquefère hike is going to blow your mind. The view of the Châteaux de Lastours in the Orbiel Valley will leave you speechless whilst a night in a treehouse tops off your dizzyingly wonderful weekend in the Montagne Noire area!
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Roquefère, earthy twists and turns

Deep in bountiful nature

Clad in its glistening schist armour, the Roquefère watchtower gazes over its kingdom from its rocky peak. As the rising sun’s rays kiss the château, it dazzles in the midst of a bountiful valley glowing red and orange.
Intrigued, you venture into its hilltop village with earthy lanes that twist and turn. Peace and quiet reign supreme. You’re in for a total change of scene away from the hustle and bustle of town…

Pont de pierre en Montagne Noire ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude
Randonnée en Montagne Noire ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude

Nicolas, a passionate guide

Ding, dong! And you’re back in the room…Nicolas, your guide,greets you with a smile. It’s time to visit the Cubserviès waterfall and dive into the dark gorge misted in spray… Your heart pounds… “Let’s go on an adventure!” says Nicolas in his sing-song accent.
Rivière en cascade en Montagne Noire ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude
Rivière en Montagne Noire au coeur de l'automne ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude

“Water is everywhere on this amazing loop deep in the Montagne Noire. Whether you’re with family or friends, I highly recommend this refreshing hike!”

Elodie, happy hiker and local expert.

A hiking weekend in Roquefère... Ready? Let's go!

This 16km loop takes 5 hours and is suitable for good hikers.
Try it in spring, summer, autumn, winter… every season has its own scenery…
If you’re low on time (or your calves are feeling it!), park in the hamlet for stunning views! Learn everything there is to know about the environmentally sensitive area with educational signs.

Remplir sa gourde dans un ancien lavoir de pierres ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude


Cubserviès, lofty landscape artist

What a sight!

The bubbling fresh water sets the soundtrack to your thoughts… Cubserviès waterfall carves out its surroundings in a magical setting of pine and spruce trees. The heady rebel dives into the Rieutort Valley. It’s a sight for sore eyes!

“Cubserviès waterfall is 90m high, the equivalent of a 30-storey building!”


Rivière en Montagne Noire au coeur de l'automne ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude
The water hits the rock with a mesmerising roar. It soothes your mind and recharges your batteries… Click! Happy as Larry, head back into the deep forest filled with brightly coloured chestnut trees… Nicolas leads the way and shares the secrets of his forest.

The return detour
Exit the footpath towards Saint-Sernin Chapel on the way back from Cubserviès waterfall. The isolated 12th century chapel is made entirely from drystone and well worth a look!

Randonnée en Montagne Noire à travers les murets de pierre ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude


It's time for a (foodie) break at Cabaret

An explosive meal

Tickle your tastebuds with duck breast cooked in a wood-fired oven heady with the heath. A woody red Cabardès AOP wine melt into the feast. An explosion of flavour in a warm and indulgent setting. Let your mind wander as the fire crackles in the hearth… Get a warm welcome from Patrick at Sire de Cabaret and tuck into his traditional fare. “A home from home” you won’t want to leave!
Cuisson de la viande au feu de bois dans un restaurant de l'Aude ©Smiling Pixell
Grillade au feu de bois ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude

The best local produce
“A warm welcome in an amazing natural setting. The portions are generous (a way of life in Aude) with excellent local produce, serious quality”

Tripadvisor review by Orixe, Lyon

Boutique de produits de terroir aux châteaux de Lastours ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude


Sleep under the stars amongst the cedars

Woodland wonder

The leaves dance to the sound of a sweet melody, rocked by the evening breeze… Welcome to Les Fumades, your heady haven amongst the cedars. With a weight off your shoulders and your eyelids heavy from dreams come true, let sleep and woodland wonder wash over you.
Cabane perchée, hébergement insolite en Montagne Noire en pleine nature ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude
Cabane perchée, hébergement insolite en Montagne Noire, petit déjeuner à la poulie ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude
Heave-ho! Treasure ahoy. The aroma of fresh bread and homemade jam. If you stay with Valérie, you sleep in the trees and hoist your breakfast hamper up using a pulley! Your inner child smiles and shouts: “Captain, My Captain!”
A childhood dream come true!
Cabane perchée, hébergement insolite en Montagne Noire, petit déjeuner ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude

The romantic weekend package!

Les Fumades provides:
Accommodation for 2 in an eco-friendly wood treehouse deep in a cedar forest, A sophisticated dinner with champagne and local wine, A bouquet of roses…


Lastours, Citadels of Vertigo

Cathar Country gems

The dizzying view over this deep valley turns your legs to jelly and gets your heart racing! The four Lastours brothers stand proud on their rocky spur and bear witness to their valley’s turbulent history. With the mystery surrounding this Cathar site, you can’t help but want to find out more.
Visite des châteaux de Lastours au détour d'une randonnée ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude
Les châteaux de Lastours gardent la vallée ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude

Hike with a view

Breathe in, breathe out… we’re going up! The picture postcard views are worth it. The breeze scented with cypress gets your breath back until you spot the first of four castles… Château de Cabaret looms ahead and magic happens. The four Châteaux de Lastours each have their own personalities and stories to tell. Dive in and explore.

Le Trou de la Cité, Qu’es aquò ?

Forty-odd caves and holes have been found on the Châteaux de Lastours hill but Le Trou de la Cité (City Hole) alone was dug out to link the fortresses to Carcassonne. Listen out and you can hear the echo of dashing horsemen fleeing their besieged city... Want to visit the Châteaux de Lastours? Walk this way!

Le trou de la cité, une curiosité des châteaux de Lastours ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude
Les châteaux de Lastours depuis le belvédère ©Vincent Photographie, ADT de l'Aude

After a day hiking deep in the Montagne Noire, this is a chance to soak up the Cathar Country’s true soul. It should come with a warning: it’s addictive!
If you’re low on time or your calves are still feeling yesterday’s outing, you can gaze at the Châteaux de Lastours from two special belvederes. It will still take your breath away!” Go there !

Elodie, local expert.

The Citadels of Vertigo are applying for UNESCO

The 4 Châteaux de Lastours are competing for UNESCO status alongside the Cité de Carcassonne and 6 other châteaux. Support the nomination!

Découverte des Châteaux de Lastours ©Vincent Photographie

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Hiking information

Route Type
Elevation: 700m
Distance: 16km
Maximum altitude: 785m
Average duration: 5 hours
Yellow markings then a yellow and green segment and a yellow and blue segment.

Which is the best time to experience the hike?
Spring, summer, autumn, winter... every season has its own scenery! The weather changes quickly. Always check the weather forecast before you go out.

AAccess: hiking car park - village entrance, 11380 Roquefère GPS coordinates: 43.371046 /2.376984

Hiking boots are recommended as there are lots of rocky paths. Poles are worthwhile as the descents can be fairly steep. This is a mountain area so bring something to eat and drink. Take nothing, but pictures; leave nothing, but footprints. We're counting on you!

How to get here?

En voiture

Roquefère lies north of Carcassonne (22km) on the D101, a little road that takes you from the vineyard plain to the Gorges de l'Orbiel. Make it happen: plan your drive to Fournes Cabardes (accommodation) and Lastours (châteaux tour).

Electric vehicle charging stations

(Please see EV charging stations in the towns and villages).

Get directions :


Le Garriguet

Le Garriguet is a Pays Cathare-approved travel cake and Aude speciality that comes in a lovely wooden box.

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