Sur la route dans la Haute Vallée de l'Aude ©ADT de l'Aude

Along the River Aude

In the Upper Aude Valley, you can follow the winding river that gave its name to the department. This region of canyons and dizzying gorges offers a terraced landscape ranging from hillside vineyards to the Pyrenean peaks.

Malepère, alaigne, vigne
Carnaval de Limoux ©Annick Belondrade - ADT de l'Aude

No visitor should miss a trip to the gateway to the Upper Valley, Limoux, which is famous for its sparkling wine. Blanquette de Limoux is said to be the ancestor of Champagne. Limoux is also the venue for a traditional carnival which has taken place here every year without fail since the Middle Ages.

Le château de Puilaurens à Lapradelle-Puilaurens ©Vincent Photographie


Foothold on Puilaurens Castle

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Further south, the Pyrénées Audoises offer nature lovers some unspoilt sites that are truly unique. There are theme walks in the area of Sault, on the Route du Sapin or La Serre des Aiguilles, where you will be rewarded by a superb panoramic view of the  Château de Puilaurens and the Pech de Bugarach in the distance, if you follow the Sentier Cathare.

Camurac: the only ski resort in Aude

In Camurac, families can enjoy the traditional wintersports of downhill skiing and snowshoeing, while the greenery of summer is ideal for amusing activities like downhill karting, summer sledging, etc.

Les activités ski en famille à Camurac, station de ski des Pyrénées audoises © Sylvain Dossin - Office de Tourisme des Pyrénées audoises
Descente en rafting dans l'Aude ©Pierre Davy-ADT de l'Aude

Adrenalin seeker?

Here you can enjoy white-water thrills, including rafting, kayaking and canyoning, in the fast-flowing waters of the River Aude.

Visite de Rennes-le-Château et sa tour Magdala ©Pierre Davy-ADT de l'Aude

Climb the Bugarach or visit Rennes le Château, where Abbot Saunière still casts his ghostly shadow… The castles of Puilaurens and Puivert, clinging to their rocky spurs, the museum of Quercorb, the castle of Chalabre, the keep of Arques, or the abbeys of Saint-Hilaire, Alet-les-Bains and Saint-Polycarpe all invite you on a journey through the history of Medieval Languedoc and the troubadour culture. Go even further back in time at Espéraza at the Musée des Dinosaures…