5 Alternative tours

Out-of-the-ordinary tours to surprise you, plunging you into a distant, mysterious past, into the depths of the earth...
or why not into the heart of Africa!
Réserve Africaine de Sigean

01 Rennes-le-Château - Estate of Abbot Saunière

World-famous thanks to a priest, Abbot Saunière, who endowed the village with a host of constructions and enigmas. Enigmas that even today inspire authors and researchers from around the world and even get a mention in Dan Brown’s famous novel, “Da Vinci Code”! Enter into the legend by visiting the abbot’s Estate, the surprising village church, and the village itself, steeped in history…

Visite de Rennes-le-Château et sa tour Magdala ©Pierre Davy-ADT de l'Aude
Rando souterraine au gouffre de Cabrespine ©M.Randa-ADT-Aude

02 L'Aventure Parc de Cabrespine

With wetsuit, potholing helmet and head torch, you’ll be geared up for a fabulous 3-hour excursion. Deep in a chasm in Cabrespine, you’ll find the Accro Grotte adventure cave and an underground river. All you have to do is choose, between a dizzying underground tour or an exploration of the secret river, pot-holing style. Both activities are perfectly safe for children aged 12 years and above! Adrenalin thrills guaranteed!

03 Terra Vinea in Portel-les-Corbières

Imagine a vast gallery that takes you 80 metres into the depths of the earth! Dive into the largest underground cellar in the South of France for a journey through the history of wine, in the footsteps of the Romans through a reconstruction of a Gallo-Roman villa, and through the medieval era staged with the reconstitution of a tavern.

Visite de la galerie de Terra Vine à Portel-des-Corbières ©Céline Deschamps-ADT de l'Aude
Visite en famille de la Réserve Africaine de Sigean @AldonLou-ADT de l'Aude

04 African Reserve in Sigean

Enjoy a photo safari among giraffes and elephants… without leaving Aude! More than 3,800 animals live here in semi-captivity. Part of the visit is completed in your car, with a tour around the lions, bears, zebras, antelopes, rhinoceros, etc. The other part is on foot when you get to see the camels, chimpanzees and alligators.

05 The Red Train of Cathar Country and Fenouillèdes

Discover this ancient railway line between Axat and Rivesaltes. Depending on the season and the route chosen, you travel by covered or open-top train, to discover a patchwork of landscapes. There is a commentary on the trip.
En balade à bord du Train rouge des Fenouillèdes ©Philippe Benoist

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