All-Nature kayak trip on the lagoons

Port Mahon - Sigean 1 day


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Destination Côte du Midi ! Nature lovers, this kayak excursion on the lagoons, just a five-minute drive from the authentic village of Sigean, is for you! Glide gently across the water admiring lagoons and untouched islands in a natural landscape stretching as far as the eye can see… A moment of wonderment that’s made for sharing! Tempted to try it?

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The road to happiness!

Destination «the edge of the world»

As you leave Sigean, you’re immediately plunged into an extraordinary decor. Between land and sea, surrounded by an unspoilt wilderness, off you go for an adventure you’ll never forget! Already, you’re amazed by the scenery unfolding before you. At first you’re in the company of garrigue and vineyards. But the picture changes as you turn a corner. You follow the lagoons. Along the way you spot a peaceful little port with wooden pontoons, a few houses and the wild islands in the distance. A calm feeling of serenity overcomes you.

vue de Narbonne et Bages depuis l'étang de Sigean, crédit J. Belondrade

A few hundred metres further and you arrive at the Port-Mahon watersports centre. You are already under the charm of this lagoon landscape, but there are plenty more surprises in store!

Did you know?
You’re in the heart of the Narbonnaise en Méditerranée Regional Nature Park, famous for the beauty of its lagoon system. The lagoons stretch across 12,500 hectares and are dotted with villages, salt marshes, watersports centres and unspoilt natural sites.

Base nautique de Port Mahon- Sigean ©Nomah-Office de Tourisme du Grand Narbonne

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Jean-Luc, a guide with that little something extra â€¦

Balade en kayak à Port Mahon ©Christophe Baudot-Office de Tourisme de Grand Narbonne

Let’s go

Jean-Luc’s smile and warm welcome will instantly put you at ease!

You start gearing up as he briefs you on the itinerary and safety aspects, and teasingly promises a few surprises! His enthusiasm about what you’re about to discover is pleasant to see and tickles your curiosity. After this shared moment of friendly fun, you’re ready to sail! Armed with paddles and life jackets, you can’t wait to go exploring this magical place!

Peaceful serenity…

At last you’re on the water. You glide gently along listening to the water lapping against the kayak, and soaking up the spectacular sight ahead of you. A soothing ride. The islands that seemed so far away are now much closer. This is when the scenery takes on a whole new dimension. You realise the extent to which this place is wild and intact. In the clear water you spot fish, jellyfish and other occupants of the submarine world. Next come the flamingoes… It feels so good to reconnect with nature!

Étang de Sigean, les îles, ©Jean Belondrade-Office de Tourisme de Grand Narbonne

Did you know?
The lagoon system is made up of numerous islands. Some of them offer natural dry Mediterranean terrain (grass, garrigue, etc.), which is quite unusual in the middle of a lake and adds to the diversity of this patchwork of habitats.

Kayak en famille sur l'étang de Pissevache @Glisse & Kite

Every stroke of the paddle brings you closer to the next stage of the journey: Aute Island. Gliding across the water, you suddenly feel the urge to surpass yourself! You accelerate, faster and faster. You find the effort pleasant, refreshed by the wind and the splashing of your paddles. You feel alive!

03 Hightlight

The mysteries
of Aute Island!

Balade sur l’Étang de Sigean ©Christophe Baudot-Office de Tourisme du Grand Narbonne

Like real explorers

It’s time for a break! You land the canoe at Aute Island, where some archaeological remains of the island’s rich history have been found. Jean Luc is of course thrilled to share with you his knowledge of the past of this now uninhabited site.
An exploration of the island reveals all its secrets! Your curiosity will be piqued when Jean Luc tells you about a rare flower that grows in this wilderness and that we must all endeavour to protect!

In the footsteps of Jean-Luc

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Did you know?

The Romans installed a jetty on this island to allow vessels to transship their cargo, which was then carried to the ancient port of Narbo Martius.

don't forget...

Sun cream will be an important ally on this excursion!

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Rewarded for your efforts

Time for drinks!

On a deserted beach, Jean-Luc will serve you a glass of the local organic wine from the bottle hidden in his basket ! You’ll gather around in a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.


Balade en canoë avec dégustation ©Julie Campana-Office de Tourisme du Grand Narbonne
Canoë à Port Mahon, ©Julie Campana-Office de Tourisme du Grand Narbonne

It’s time to pursue the discussions in a moment of togetherness. Wine, nature, history… As you gaze at the surrounding landscape, you can feel the sun’s rays warming your skin. You feel very lucky to be sharing this experience in such a beautiful place!

And now it’s time to leave. The return trip is a quiet one. You feel good, you feel soothed. You paddle gently to make your final moments on the water last a little longer. You have recharged your batteries and feel grateful to have had this opportunity.
Back at the watersports centre, you say your goodbyes. You thank Jean-Luc for making this a unique experience that you’ll always remember!

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Getting here?

By car

From Sigean, the watersports centre proposing this excursion can be found 5 km along the Bellevue/Port Mahon road.

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Something to take home?

Corbières PDO

In Sigean and the surrounding area, you can visit the wine-tasting cellars and estates of the Corbières appellation area.

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