Gruissan: vines, sea and salt marshes

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Portrait de Nelly de l'Office de Tourisme de Gruissan

Nelly, Gruissan Tourist Information, always full of top tips

A day in Gruissan is an all-encompassing experience in the unspoilt Narbonnaise en Méditerranée Regional Nature Park. This traditional circulade village and its panoramic tower have everything you could wish for nestled between the sea, Clape vineyards and salt marshes.

01 Highlight

Vineyard tour

I heard it on the grapevine...

The soft autumn sunshine gently warms your face. All eyes are on Alban: your guide knows Clape’s wineries like the back of his hand and teaches you all about winemaking.

Découverte en couple d'un vignoble à Gruissan ©Vincent Photographie - ADT de l'Aude
Balade découverte dans un vignoble de l'Aude ©Vincent Photographie - ADT de l'Aude
Visite d'un vignoble à Gruissan ©Sylvie Alibeu - ADT de l'Aude

 What sets the AOP apart?
There are vineyards in the Narbonnaise that have been around for 2000 years. The Romans planted them and they now produce aromatic wine. 2 AOP designations stand out from the selected varieties:
AOP la Clape and AOP Corbières.

...that become divine nectar

Everyone loves chatting and mingling on the winemaker’s walk. Alban is a true connoisseur who gives you a thirst for knowledge.

You learn that fine wine is all down to age-old expertise and unique ingredients in the region.

What’s the secret? The grapes, fertile land, the wind that carries sea spray from the Mediterranean with it… Passionate winemakers bring the best out of the outstanding terroir.

02 Highlight

Mediterranean Sea wine

Sea as far as the eye can see

The Big Blue looms in the distance between the vines: the Mediterranean sparkles as far as the eye can see. Nearby Étang de l’Ayrolle lake holds its own with its fifty shades of blue.
It’s time to settle down and just savour the moment.

Vignes en bord de Mer Méditerranée ©Vincent Photographie - ADT de l'Aude
Belle vue vignes et mer depuis la Clape © Mairie de Narbonne

The Tall Blond with the Grand Cru

Pierre Richard uses sustainable farming methods to make Corbières wine at the Bel Evêque winery. Try the film star's wine for yourself!

Vendanges dans les vignes de l'Aude ©Raphaël Kann-ADT de l'Aude

03 Highlight

Winemaker's breakfast

Petit déjeuner dans les vignes et dégustation de vin ©Vincent Photographie - ADT de l'Aude

Food for thought

Aromas from the garrigue pop on your tongue: a heady AOP grand cru ends the morning on a high.

Join Alban’s group for the kind of hearty breakfast you’d expect from your winemaker host: mature goat’s cheese, orange gingerbread, lemon blossom honey, seasonal fruit… The region on a plate!

Fragrances and flavours

Wine tasting is an explosion dof flavour. Like any good apprentice, you analyse the tastes, textures, colours and make the most of this epicurean experience in a spellbinding natural setting. What’s next? The wine cellar so you can pick up some of this unique Southern French wine with a Mediterranean aftertaste.

“Mid-October is harvest time in Gruissan! There’s a real party atmosphere.”

Nelly, Gruissan Tourist Information, true connoisseur


Dégustation de vin dans un vignoble de Gruissan ©Vincent Photographie - ADT de l'Aude

04 Highlight

Gruissan, circulade port village

Post-lunch village walk

Every nook and cranny of this village between the sea and salt marshes oozes Mediterranean vibes. Gruissan is the only circulade port village in the region and is a joy to explore.

Vue sur le village de Gruissan depuis la tour Barberousse ©Baptiste Larribere - ADT de l'Aude

 Still feeling peckish?
Is your tummy rumbling? Sate your appetite at Gruissan’ eateries: l’Estagnol, la Cranquette, la Tavola… there’s something for everyone!

Find out more

Balade en famille au village de Gruissan ©ADT Aude

Shaded staircases wind up to peaceful lanes. A cottage with colourful floral shutters catches your eye from afar…

“You can’t visit Gruissan without going up Barberousse Tower!
You’ll love climbing up through Gruissan’s history with 360° views to reward you at the top. Incredible!”
Tripadvisor review by Catherine

05 Highlight

Blue salt marshes, white gold and pink lagoon

“Quand... tu me prends dans tes bras…”

You can’t help but hum La Vie en Rose when you see Gruissan’s pink salt marshes.

Peace and quiet reign supreme in this sparkling pink lake. It rules the land and brings the sky together with the horizon… A sight for sore eyes.

The tour begins: your guide introduces you to the salt worker trade that has existed since Antiquity.
This is yet another chance to experience Gruissan’s incredible nature: the perfect combination of wind, sea and sun in the salt marshes produces salt with a unique flavour. Be patient, you’ll be able to try it soon…


“Your tastebuds will be pleased to hear that salt making and oyster farming thrive together at Île Saint Martin salt marsh.”
Mmm, this is one mouth-watering tour!

A well-kept secret

It’s the moment of truth: your guide’s explanation blows you away. The enthusiast sheds light on the mystery of his beloved pink lagoon… Who’d have thought it!
Before you leave you promise not to tell! It will remain a well-kept secret. Head to Gruissan salt marsh to find out more…

A rainbow of salt

Organic, flavoured: ginger, hibiscus, cocoa or plain. The Gruissan salt bar and shop celebrates salt in all its glory.

Visite de la boutique-bar à sel de Gruissan ©Sylvie Alibeu - ADT de l'Aude

06 Highlight

Quirky waterfront accommodation

The Mediterranean lullaby

The lapping waves lull you to sleep in your boat lodge with views of the Mediterranean Sea… what better way to end your day? Les Ilots de Gruissan is quirky accommodation that’s unique in France. This floating village has all the facilities you could want for a romantic break with views of Plage des Chalets beach.

Dormir dans un hébergement insolite sur les Ilots de Gruissan ©Vincent Photographie - ADT de l'Aude
Dormir dans un hébergement insolite sur les Ilots de Gruissan ©Vincent Photographie - ADT de l'Aude

The sun rises...

The sea glows with red and orange from the beaming sun. The port is still sleeping… You alone can feast your eyes on this spectacular sight from your bed in your moored cabin. Get your fruit juice and have a toast for Gruissan, its vines, beaches, salt marshes and its honest little port surrounded by unspoilt nature that you’ve fallen in love with!

Highlight at the lodges

Tuck into a seafood platter as the waves lap the shore and the boats sail past your floating terrace (extra when you book a stay).

Manger un plateau de fruits de mer à La Perle Gruissanaise

Plan your trip to perfection

Vineyard tour: meet at Gruissan Tourist Information then car-pool to visit the winemaker. Duration: approx. 3 hours, 15€/person.

Don't forget: walking shoes, comfortable clothing, a hat, sunglasses and water for the vineyard tour and salt marsh tour.

Getting here

By car

It's an easy drive to the resort: A61 from Toulouse or A9 from Montpellier, take the Narbonne-est exit then drive on the D32 for 10 minutes.

Useful information

It's free to park all over Gruissan and there are lots of spaces at the beach.

Get directions :


In Gruissan

Make the most of your wine experience and pick up some bottles from the winery you visit. You can't say no to a selection of different flavoured salt either.

In Armissan

Stop in the nearby village of Armissan on the way back to visit: La Clape des Romain's art gallery . "Les bambous cannelés de la Clape" jewellery design with the Pays Cathare award.

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