LE SENTIER EN POESIEsentier delteil villar en val © Christian Bellaviasentier delteil villar en val © Christian Bellavia (11)sentier delteil villar en val © Christian Bellavia (22)sentier delteil villar en val © Christian Bellavia1


A real open-air museum dedicated to the writer Joseph Delteil in his native landscape.
This trail was opened in 1994 by the National Forestry Office, the Aude Departmental Council and the ASPEC Association, with the cooperation of Hervé Arnaud and Yvan and Patric Edline; and was designed by Magali Arnaud and Philippe Forcioli.
It was inaugurated in August 2000 by Paco Ibañez.
The small outdoor theatre was created by the Scouts de Versailles, under the direction of Philippe Forcioli.

“In the depths of the Villar forest, where his father made the precious charcoal, Joseph Delteil was born on 20 April 1894, in the place known as La Borie de Guillaman.
A life’s work started here, in this old house on a country track, once a carters’ route, among the oaks and boxwood.
It seemed natural to make a path devoted to the writer’s words in the footsteps of his childhood.
So the Sentier en Poésie, Sentier à la Dame and the little Théâtre de Verdure were created.”

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Lat. 43° 5′ 2.91″ – Lon. 2° 27′ 32.5″

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