Last update 21/07/2016

Caunes Mvois (2)CAUNES MINERVOIS Abbayecaunes-minervois


Caunes-Minervois is a medieval village with charming narrow streets and ancient stone buildings (renaissance houses- remparts…)built around the 8th Century Abbey.

You will come accross red marble sculptures, that invite you to go up the open air quarries, that made Caunes famous !This marble can be found on monuments from Paris (Versailles, the Opera) to Rome…
You will appreciate the laid back way of life in this small village, you will also enjoy a good choice of restaurants, crafts workshops, local attractions and events, wineries and local shops.

Beautiful walks all around, the quarries, Notre Dame du Cros chapel, pine forests…


Lat. 0° 0′ 0″ – Lon. 0° 0′ 0″

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