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In the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, on the Causse foothills at the bottom of the Montagne Noire, Château Cabezac has built a reputation as a producer of wines of excellent quality. The vines are classified under the Minervois protected designation, and cover different types of terroir which make it possible to produce some remarkably characteristic vintages.
The owner of Château Cabezac, Gontran Dondain, puts every creative effort into his passion for wine: Selection of parcels, low yields and traditional winemaking methods all pay homage to this land and the men who work it.
With its hotel and restaurant, Château Cabezac is also a great destination for wine tourism and gastronomy.
Offering amusing visits of the vineyards and cellars, guided tours, oenology days, theme evenings and occasional events, the Château Cabezac team will help you to discover in the nicest possible way the riches of the Minervois terroir.

Spoken languages : English, Spanish

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23 hameau de Cabezac
Lat. 43° 17′ 47.79″ – Lon. 2° 52′ 11.83″

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