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With the great talents of Aude's chefs, a tradition rises everyday, based on seafood, fruits, meat, cured meats. The homeland of Prosper Montagné affirmed every day as a land of predilection for Languedoc cuisine.
The diversity and richness of Aude wines are based on the authenticity of the lands on which they are rooted; in here, cuisine and wines carry the best of marriages.

The Road of the « Cassoulet » of Castelnaudary

The origin of cassoulet dates back to medieval times. We find mention of it in the 14th century in the famous "Viandier" by Taillevent.

The legend places the birth of cassoulet during the Hundred Years War, during the siege of Castelnaudary by the English. The people, threatened by famine, put together what they had to feed the soldiers of the city. Bacon, pork, beans, sausages and meat were put to simmer in a large bowl. Invigorated by this meal, the soldiers chased the English away from Lauragais!

Much later in 1929, Prosper Montagné, famous chef of Carcassonne, recognized the supremacy of the cassoulet of Castelnaudary in his book "Le Festin Occitan" : "Cassoulet is the God of Occitan cuisine. One God in three persons: God the father is the cassoulet of Castelnaudary, God the son is that of Carcassonne, and the Holy Spirit that of Toulouse "...

From Castelnaudary to Carcassonne, this first gourmet road of the thematic routes of the Cathar Country, offers a discovery trail, a loop of 180 km declining all components of this mythical dish. This tour combines visits to farms, producers of beans, duck or pigs, potteries, wine cellars of Malepère and Cabardès, and finally restaurants that offer a local menu, the  special  « route du cassoulet de Castelnaudary ».

Cooking classes, wine tastings and discoveries, local markets, fairs, thematic weekends or days, guided walking tours, liven up this Route du Cassoulet.

Let go according to your taste buds, let yourself be guided by your desires, let yourself be carried away by the thousand and one flavors of the Gourmet Roads of Aude, the Cathar Country !

Confrérie du Cassoulet de Castelnaudary
Confrérie du Cassoulet de Castelnaudary

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Académie universelle du Cassoulet
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