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Natural landscapes

Aude conceals in its depths, secret wonders, that only experienced cavers can enjoy. Does this mean that this both fascinating and fragile world is reserved for the privileged few? No, of course!
Discovering the wonders of Aude's undergrounds and experiencing the emotions and pleasures of the caver is possible through guided tours in accessible caves.


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The cave of Aguzou

lat. 42° 43" 9' - lon. 2° 7" 26'

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The Cave of Aguzou is a listed and protected site. The cavity is a cave in its natural state, without artificial lighting or excessive development. The visits are done by small groups, like underground hiking. A fascinating journey through time and space of the underworld! Equipment is provided: helmets, lights, suits.

The mineral diversity and abundance (aragonite, eccentric, triangular crystals) make the cave of Aguzou, one of the most beautiful caves in Europe, with a unique geological heritage to preserve.

Giant hole of Cabrespine

lat. 43° 30" 48' - lon. 2° 24" 1'

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Deep in the Black Mountain, the patient work of water has carved, for thousands of years, a huge cave. Visit the Giant Hole of Cabrespine peacefully from a path in belvedere. The setting and its remarkable lights, make it an exceptional site.

In addition, the giant hole of Cabrespine has acquired, since its discovery in 1968, an international reputation. This huge network of over 25 km has become a classic of speleology. This prestigious site is no longer limited to insiders, it is now open to a wide audience through underground discovery tours, which does not require any particular technical or sport skill. Comments on the history of the cave and its evolution are available throughout the tour.

The cave of Limousis

lat. 43° 21" 32' - lon. 2° 23" 56'

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It is the largest accessible cave in Aude. It consists of 8 rooms and a succession of five barriers of stalagmites, with a very abundant concretion. The last room contains unique solid crystals of aragonite, known as the "Lustre", 4 meters high and 10 m in circumference.